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     2 days later
‘’____________.’’ Lovino’s voice woke you up this time. Not Ludwig’s. You had dreamed him... and Analiece. No it wasn’t a dream, it was real. Something real within a dream.
‘’What happened?’’ You asked waking up completely.
‘’You passed out. You had me worried sick.’’ Lovino said, He was wearing a blue t shirt and some black jeans. You noticed Feliciano was lying down on a sofa in the hospital room.
‘’You should be lying down as well, there’s nothing wrong with me.’’
‘’I’m fine. Are you sure you’re okay?’’
‘’Yes... I... I want to go see Damian. And Nico. They’re okay right?’’
‘’Mhm, I was with them earlier. I don’t want them to think your Isabella. Especially Damain.’’
‘’I can handle it. I’ll tell them who I am and that’s that. I don’t want them to have a bad impression of me. I’ll be leaving, after Ludwig’s funeral so-.’’
‘’WHAT! YOU CAN’T LEAVE! N- NOT NOW, YOU.... YOU CAN’T!’’ Feliciano woke up started by Lovino’s yelling.
‘’Lovino, it’s not up to you.’’
‘’SHUT UP! JUST- JUST SHUT UP! YOU THINK I DON’T KNOW HE’S NOT ALIVE?! THAT’S THE WHOLE REASON I’M LEAVING, THIS PLACE REMINDS ME OF HIM. EVERYTHING REMINDS ME OF HIM! THE ONLY REASON I LET YOU TOUCH ME AND KISS ME BEFORE WAS BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT I WAS ISABELLA!’’ He seemed hurt by your words. You knew that what you had said wasn’t entirely true. You liked it when he touched you and kissed you, but you husband had just died. You felt impure just looking at Lovino and remembering the way he made you feel.
‘’You know that isn’t true. Even when you told me you were you... You still let me kiss you... and touch you. You can’t lie to me.’’
‘’Look, I’m sorry that Ludwig is dead. I......... Wait, before you passed out you said something about a daughter. You have a daughter? And Ludwig was her dad?’’
‘’Yes. But... she died as well.. They’re together now.’’ You kept a strong state of mind and tried not to cry.
‘’I... I’m completely sorry.’’ He was looking away.
‘’It’s okay.’’
‘’Ve Lovino have you finished yelling at the bella ragazza?’’ Felicino asked gutting off the sofa.
‘’Yes you were.’’
‘’JUST....What ever.’’
‘’I would like to go see Nico and Damian as well fratello.’’ Feli was jumping up and down. Lovino looked at you disapprovingly and nodded.
‘’Fine, but if you fall at least let me pick you up.’’ He said and he helped yiu out the door. The hospital smelled... like a hospital. You went 13 doors down and Lovino opened the door. Damian was in the room and Nico was on the other side of the curtain watching cartoons.
‘’Wha, wha, wha, what is she doing here?’’ Nico shifted up in his bed and he looked frightened.
‘’DAMIAN-’’ Lovino yelled at him and you gripped his hand to stop.
‘’She shot me! She was the one who-‘’
‘’No I wasn’t.’’
‘’Don’t try to lie to me. Who are you trying to fool?’’ Damian was now completely sat up in the bed.
‘’That wasn’t me.’’
‘’DAMIAN.... shut up.’’ Lovino said.
‘’Damian let me explain... I’m not Isabella.’’
‘’What the hell are you talking about?’’
‘’I’m ______________, her sister.’’
‘’Well, isn’t that cute? You have your own little plan all worked out. What do you take me as? An imbecile!’’ Damian was in full rage mode now.
‘’It’s true. She, She told me to help her. She supposedly need to go somewhere and Lovino wouldn’t let her, but I swear to everything I hold dear, I never knew she was a bad person. And I’m so sorry for what she did. He doesn’t deserve to be alive. She deserved to be dead... dead like... like...’’ You went into tears and Lovino held you tightly in his arms. You didn’t try to break away from his grasp. You cried into his chest.’’
‘’Are you okay ______________?’’ Nico’s sweet voice echoed in the room. You pulled away from Lovino and walked to Nico who flinched further away.
‘’Please Nico, you need to believe me. I would never do anything to hurt you, or Damain.’’
‘’Fine. I believe you. But answer me one question.’’
‘’Do you love my dad.’’ He had the most adorable expression on his face. So innocent, so pure. You didn’t know what to say.
‘’Nico that’s not your business.’’ Lovino said from the background.
‘’No, it’s okay. He’s curious.’’
‘’Do you?’’ He asked again
‘’Nico leme’ tell you a secret,’’ You Leaned closer to his ear.
‘’Your father is a great man. And... I find it an extremely easy task to love your father. But... I need time. Time to forget.’’
‘’Forget who?’’ He whispered back.
‘’I’ll talk to you about it later, when there’s less people okay. You whispered again.
‘’You don’t actually expect me to believe you, do you?’’ Damian said breaking your attention.
‘’Damian, if you don’t believe her, get to know her better. She’s nothing like Isabella.’’ Lovino said sternly.
‘’She is exactly like Isabella.’’
‘’Physically yes, but she had a different mind, heart and everything else. I never want you to call her Isabella. Do you understand?’’
‘’Yes sir.’’
‘’Alright.  We’re going home.’’
When you got back to the house all you wanted to do was go back to the place Ludwig had been murdered. But you held back that temptation when Lovino said the funeral was in 2 hours. You rushed up to the room to change.
‘’Are you still leaving?’’ Lovino surprised you when you got out of the bathroom. Your wet hair was a mess.
‘’I don’t know Lovino.’’
‘’I never beg. I wasn’t planning on starting now but... You mean too much to me.’’
‘’Lovino you don’t have to-‘’
‘’I want to.’’ He got on his knees and took your hands.
‘’Please. ______________, I.... I... I b... I beg you. Don’t leave. I’ll give you time. All the time you need. All the time the world for you to fall in love with me. Please.’’
‘’Lovino stand up.’’ He did and put his hands on your face.
‘’Please ______________...’’
‘’_______________, ti amo. I love you.’’ You blushed and tried to look away but he held you carefully.
‘’I... I want to love you.’’ You took one of his hands and held it in yours then looked up at him.
‘’It’s won’t be hard.’’ You carefully kissed his cheek and walked out the door.
When you got to the funeral, you were surprised to see how many people had actually showed up. There were about 60 to 70 people surrounding the tall tombstones and the hole that the body of your husband was about to be put in.
Nico had not taken the death of Ludwig very well. But Damian was distraught. He was holding back tears and his face was red. You had found out from Feli, who was in even worse shape than Damain, that Ludwig was training Damian. Damian wanted to be in the army when he got older and Ludwig was the only one that had supported that. You, however, couldn’t hold back the tears and started crying as soon as you saw the box that contained your husband. There were photographers everywhere, apparently Ludwig had been very well known. Lovino put an arm around you and looked away. Lovino was a strong man, but even he had a heart, no matter what people thought. The ceremony long. The people around you gave a few words. Things like ‘’he was a great man.’’ Ect. Lovino asked you if you wanted to say anything but you said no.
‘’Hello.’’ A woman from behind you and Lovino spoke up. She had a bright smile and was wearing a black dress coat and some black pants. She had golden red hair and was about your height. She was very pretty.
‘’Hello.’’ You said quietly.
‘’Who are you, I’ve never seen you. Hello Lovino. I didn’t know you were married. Whenever you go to the office, or any party’s you always go alone.’’ She said sweetly.
‘’Melia, this is ______________. _____________, this is Melia.’’ Lovino introduced you.
‘’So is she your wife.’’ You could tell she liked Lovino. The way she looked at him... You tried not to let that bother you. You just smiled and Looked away.
‘’Um.... No.’’ He said.
‘’Oh, is she your girlfriend.’’
‘’Melia, not to be rude or anything, but it’s not your business.’’ Lovino said sternly.
‘’I’ll take that as a no.’’ She put one hand on Lovino’s shoulder and kissed his cheek then walked away. Lovino looked confused for a second then looked at you. You looked away quickly but caught a small smirk.
‘’You can cry if you want bella. I’m not holding back my tears.’’ A crying Feliciano emerged from the crowd. You took his advice and started to cry out small tears. The most of your tears were going to be let out tonight. When you lay on your bed and think of the life you could have had all those years. The life with the man you loved. Feliciano put his arm around you and kept crying. You put a rose on the tombstone when the coffin had been put in the ground. You had cried so much that people started to look at you. You didn’t care though. No one could understand. No one. You looked up. The grave yard was desolate. Lovino had left to the car and taken Feliciano and the boy’s with him to give you some time alone. You were about to walk away when a figure caught your eye. . You turned around and started at the figure. It was a woman, as far as you could tell. She was looking at you from behind a medium sized tomb stone. She looked at you and you looked at her for about a full minute. You started to get a bit scared and turned around and started to walk away. You looked back and she was still there, looking at you. You began to walk a bit faster and then started to run when she started to walk after you. You got into the car and she stopped a few feet away from the car.
‘’Lovino go.’’ You didn’t know why, but the woman gave you a chill. Lovino started up the car and started driving.
Here it is!
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thecrazygirlwhokill Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
:iconimsodoneplz:creepy lady chasing me... Lovino let Feliciano drive.... I want to get away from that creepy lady.. ((that happen to me once... I was out with my family and this lady with silver paint in her hair and messed up clothes started following us.... she looked like she was on drugs so when she was following us we ran into the car and I was like DRIVE!!!!!! IT'S A ZOMBIE!!! Then when we passed her in the car she started following the car... we got away though...))
bluegirl1997 Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2013  Student
Crap why must you torture my heart so?!?!?!?!
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Great chapter ragazza~~ ^^
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u HAVE to continue!
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