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Nico’s P.O.V
I ran after Damian. I was determined to get my I phone back no matter what it took. Knowing Damian he probably wanted money or something.
‘’Damian give it back!’’ I yelled. We were going further into the forest. I told him not to run this way, Dad had specifically told us not to go anywhere near the forest after Diana’s disappearance. Still, he never listened. I ran and ran.
‘’Damian stop, I’m getting tired. I’ll give you the game room uses for a month. Bro I have no money, I’m broke. Just give it back.’’
‘’C’mon Nico, You got to be more creative. For 6 months. We both know I won’t stop running. You need to work out!’’ Damian kept running, I was not going to give him the game room uses for 6 months. That was practically my life. Plus, I did not need to work out. I wasn’t the one who spent most of my time eating. Suddenly Damian stopped and I ran into him.
‘’Damian what are you-‘’
‘’Quiet, hide behind the bush.’’ He dragged me behind a nearby bush.
‘’Look, there’s a person.’’ Damian made a little hole in the bushes so that we both could see. There was a figure with a shovel. He was wearing a hoodie and black pants
‘’We should go.’’ I whispered
‘’You’re such a wimp Nico’’
‘’No. I’m not. I simply want to leave.’’
‘’Shut up.’’ He whispered. The figure was starting to dig. I decided it was enough. I started to leave and my phone started ringing. I tried to turn it off but I was panicking. The guy looked up and saw us. Damian got up and took my hand and started to run
‘’Ay, keep running and I’ll shoot you both.’’ Damian stopped and turned around. He took my hand and put me behind him.
‘’We-we were just leaving. No worries, you just continue on with your business.’’ Damian said and he started to turn around again.
‘’No, no, no. Come here.’’ The man said.
‘’Were good here thank you.’’
‘’I wasn’t a suggestion, it was an order.’’ The man lifted up his gun and pointed it at Damian.
‘’Wait wait wait. There’s no need to get aggressive. Fine I’ll go, but put the gun down.’’ Damian took a step forward.
‘’You don’t tell me what to do. I put the damn gun down when I want.’’
‘’Fine. Whatever, just don’t shoot me.’’ Damian started to walk towards the guy.
‘’Bring the other one.’’ The guy pointed at me.
‘’No, he stays there. That’s my condition for going to you and not yelling at the top of my lungs.’’ Damian said not taking a step back.
‘’You yell I’ll kill you.’’
‘’You’re gonna kill me anyway.’’ Damian reached the guy and stopped about 3 feet away from him.
‘’Now, what’s your full name.’’
‘’Damian Lovino Vargas.’’ Damian said.
‘’Ahh, you’re the trouble kid huh?’’ The guy laughed.
‘’What?’’ Damian was confused. I started to take small steps back very slowly. I wanted to go get help.
‘’I should kill you...’’ He said.
‘’But...?’’ Damian asked.
‘’I’m not a murderer.’’ He replied.
‘’Oh isn’t that sweet. I pay you to do your job. Guess I’ll just have to do it for you.’’ Isabella said as she appeared out of no where. She took one good look at Damian and shot him.
‘’NOOOOOO!’’ I started to run towards Damian but she pointed the gun at me.
‘’Isabella please. Two days ago you wanted to spend more time with us, this isn’t the way to do it.’’ I said trying to keep calm. I looked at Damian’s body. She had shot his abdomen. As long as he didn’t move, he should be okay for a while. Uncle Ludwig had taught me that.
‘’She really was convincing wasn’t she?’’ She asked sinisterly.
‘’What are you talking about.’’
‘’No matter, The dead don’t need to know. How about I put you in with your sis huh.’’ She pointed the gun at me and fired.

Reader’s P.O.V.
‘’Lovino!’’ I ran into Feliciano’s room.
‘’Mia bella, he’s in his study.’’ Feli said as I ran to the study.
‘’Lovino!’’I stormed into the room.
‘’I heard a gunshot.’’ He could see the fear and terror in your face.
‘’What are you talking about?’’
‘’A GUNSHOT! I HEARD A GUNSHOT! Nico and Damian aren’t in their rooms.’’ Lovino got up and ran out the door as you followed.
‘’ NICO!’’ Lovino yelled when he got to the living room.
‘’DAMIAN!’’ You yelled. No answer.
‘’Where did the gunshot come from?’’ Lovino was breathing hard.
‘’I- I was in the balcony and I heard it – and – and, it came from out back.’’ You felt the tears of frustration take over you. Lovino stormed out the back door and you ran after him. He ran into a forest you hadn’t even realized was there. You ran after him.
‘’NICO! DAMIAN!’’ Lovino yelled. No answer. Suddenly your head started to hurt. You disregarded the feeling and kept running. It was about 15 minutes of running before Lovino yelled.
‘’NICO!’’Lovino ran to a body. It was Nico. You looked further beyond Nico and saw Damian. You ran to him.
‘’Damian’s right here!’’ You knelt down on the ground and put Damian’s head on your legs. His skin was cold.
‘’Damian, Damian please.’’ You put your hand over his wound. He was bleeding horribly. You took off your jacket and pulled up his shirt. You put the jacket over the wound to try and slow down the bleeding.
‘’How sweet. You’ve grown to care for them?’’ You tensed up as the pressure of a gun was placed on the side of your head. You recognized the voice as your own. But you hadn’t talked. That could only mean Isabella. You looked out of the corner of your eye and saw Lovino standing up.
‘’Isabella, calm down.’’ You said quietly.
‘’Shut up!’’ She put more pressure on gun.
‘’You’re not going to tell me what to do. Stand up and put your hands on your head.’’
‘’Isabella –‘’
‘’DO IT!’’ You stood up and did as she said.
‘’Now, how have you been sis? You like my life? Has Lovino been a good boy?’’ She looked a Lovino who was still in shock staring at both you and Isabella.
‘’Isabella ple-‘’
‘’Yes! Yes it’s been good.’’
‘’ Good, now stay here or he’ll shoot.’’ You turned around and a man was behind you with a gun at your neck.
‘’Hey baby, have you missed me?’’ She walked towards Lovino.
‘’You damn bastard!’’
‘’No, no, no. That’s no way to talk to you wife now is it?’’
‘’What do you want?’’ She put the gun at his head and kissed his cheek.
‘’I want so many things, you being one of them.’’ She kissed his neck and you looked away.
‘’Don’t touch me.’’
‘’Are you sure that’s what you want?’’ She put her hand up his shirt as she trailed the gun down his neck.
‘’DAMMIT I SAID DON’T TOUCH ME!’’ She backed away and laughed.
‘’Has my sister really pleased you that much that you can’t stand another woman’s touch?’’ She laughed again and headed towards you.
‘’Did you have fun with him?’’ Her voice sounded sinister. You said nothing.
‘’I’ll take that as a yes. Now, what did I tell you about getting too close to him __________? The only reason he hasn’t kicked you out of the house is because you look like me hun.’’ She was trying to provoke you.
‘’That’s not true.’’ You whispered.
‘’Oh really?’’
‘’I’m nothing like you, that’s why.’’ You said more to yourself.
‘’Really? Hmm. As far as I know ... we’re identical,’’ She laughed.
‘’Now, this is all fun and all, but I have to be getting somewhere, so...Let’s finish this off.’’ She put the gun at your head.
‘’Isabella don’t you dare-‘’
‘’You wanna go first?’’ She interrupted him and walked over his way.
‘’You bastard, you don’t know what you’re doing.’’
‘’I think I know perfectly well what I’m doing.’’ She pulled him down to her height.
‘’Now, be the good boy you are and let. It. Happen. You move, I’ll tell the guy to shoot her.’’ She kissed his neck as she pointed at the man beside you.  She adjusted the trigger. You couldn’t let her kill him.
‘’Ti amo Lovino.’’ She said softly.
‘’ Halten Sie eine liebe.’’ You turned around and jumped at the sight of Gilbert. You looked at Isabella who was still pointing the gun at Lovino but also smirking lustfully at Gilbert.
‘’You never told me you had a clone lieben.’’ He moved your hair away from your neck and kissed it. You flinched as his touch.
‘’She’s not as fun as you though.’’ He walked over to where Isabella and Lovino were and pulled Isabella against him. His white hair glistening in the small glint of light visible through.
‘’I missed you baby.’’ She kissed him passionately as she pointed the gun at Lovino who looked distraught and angry at the sight before him. It sort of hurt you that what every Isabella did still hurt him.
‘’Me too lieben, Your sister didn’t please me right.’’
‘’Hmm, she didn’t do her job?’’ Isabella adjusted the trigger again but this time pointed it at you as Gilbert held Lovino back.
‘’YOU BASTARD!’’ Lovino punched Gilbert in the face and ran to your side before Isabella could get to you.
‘’Awww that’s sweet, you think you can protect her Lovi?’’ Isabella threatened.
‘’Don’t call me that bastarda! You are a lieing Bi-‘’
‘’I’ll fire Lovi, you know I will. Plus, Don’t you think Nico and Damian should get help? If you let me kill you I’ll take Little Nco and Damian to a hospital.’’
‘’No you won’t’’ Lovi spat in her face. She calmly wiped it off and smiled.
‘’You’re right I won’t.’’ Someone fired. No, Lovino.
‘’What are you doing here Gilber-‘’ You saw Ludwig. He hadn’t shot Lovino, or anybody else. He had fired into the air.
‘’What the hell is this?’’ He looked at both you and Isabella.
‘’Hey Ludie.’’ Isabella smiled and went over to him.
‘’Isabella what-‘’
‘’Shhhhh.’’ She put her finger on his lips and he backed away.
‘’Who are you?’’
‘’I’m Isabella Ludie, the one you call your sister.’’ She said innocently.
‘’Then who is that?’’ He pointed at you.
‘’Oh don’t worry about her.’’ You saw her slowly slide another gun out of her big jacket pocket, she was going to shoot him. You had to help him.
‘’LUDWIG WATCH OU-’’ Too late. She fired and he widened his eyes in shock.
‘’Sorry Ludie, there’s already too many people.’’ Gilbert went over to her enraged.
‘’Gil baby, you never liked him. Remember how you always told me he got all the attention? When we were in bed and you talked about how much you loathed him.’’ She was circling him smiling and trying to make him want her. You felt Lovino reach or your hand. He took it and held it tightly. He turned towards you. He was about to start crying. You could tell. His two sons were on the floor dying and he couldn’t do anything about it.
‘’Yes but I wanted to kill him.’’ Gilbert argued,
‘’Well go ahead hun. He’s not dead yet. Finish him off.’’ She gave him one of her guns and he took it. She lifted up his hand as though teaching him how to use it. You looked down. You didn’t want to watch. And that’s when you saw it. A phone you recognized as Damians was on the ground buried by all the leaves. You squeezed Lovino’s hand and he looked down at you.
‘’Look.’’ You whispered as you looked down at the phone.
‘’Hurry up, grab it. I‘ll cover you.’’ He whispered back. Isabella and Gilbert’s backs were turned, Lovino went forward quietly and you knelt down and took the phone.
‘’Who do I call?’’ You whispered.
‘’Polizia di stato, It’s 113.’’ He said as you quickly dialed the number. You his behind Lovino as you called. This had to work.
Sorry It took so lone. 'Polizia di estato' means the police of state in Italian.
he image is not mine I got it here...[link]. I hope you all like this.
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