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Everything started to become a blur. All the flashing images of Lovino's yelling. All the accusations he had given you. Everything. It had been 2 hours since Lovino left the house. He took Damian and left Nico since he was sleeping at the time. Since he left Nico, you guessed he would be coming back. Nico was sitting next to you. He had woken up when he heard the door slam. You were both sitting on the balcony waiting for Lovino to return.
''Hmm?'' You said staring off.
''Why was papa so mad?''
''I'd rather not talk about that now Nico, okay?'' You said dazed.
''What does that mean Nico?'' You were lost in thought and tried to look for an escape.
''It could mean well, okay, good, or fine.'' He said as he ate a plate of pasta Feliciano had made to lighten up the mood.
Lovino's P.O.V.
''Damian please turn that down.'' I said keeping my eyes on the road. Damian turned down the radio of the car and continued staring out the window. How could you have done that? After all I did for you. After all the love I offered you. I thought I was finally learning what love meant. Guess it was all a big show. And with Ludwig. Sure I never liked him but I never thought he could go that far. How long had it been since they had been together? Maybe it was since before we got married. I remembered the day of the wedding
....... Flash back .......
''C'mon Lovino she'll be waiting. You don't want to make a pretty lady wait do you?''
''Shut your mouth Feliciano. Your making me more nervous than I already am.'' Feliciano silenced instantly. I walked out of the car and out into the front of the church.
''She's not even here yet.''
''I knoe, but you have to be early. The brides are always late. The grooms have to be early. It shows how much they love their bride.''
''Yeah Yeah whatever.''
''I'll go check on the guests.'' Feliciano skipped into the church.
I sat on the curb of the steps. It had been 4 years since the death of my last wife. Elena had been everything I ever wanted. Then one day, she committed suicide. She stabbed herself with a knife multiple times and then, with the little strength she had left, she threw herself off the balcony. I never found out why she did it. I've always felt guilty because it might have been something I said. I brushed that thought aside. Now I had Isabella. I was going to get married with her. Isabella had been one of Elena's close friends and after her death; she stuck with me in the good and bad times. After a while I realized the only way to get rid of Elena's memory, would be to find someone new. Isabella was the only one I could turn too. Isabella loved me and I was going to learn to love her, no matter what it took.
My train of thought was broken by the sound of a car. I lifted my head up and saw the brides' car driving up to the church.
''No! Fratello you can't see the bride before she walks in the church. Its bad luck.'' Feliciano covered my eyes with his hands and led me somewhere. When he took his hands off my eyes I saw that I was in the church standing next to the priest on the altar.
''Are you ready?'' He asked me.
''... Yes.''
- - - - - End of flash back - - - - -
''Damian are you okay?'' I asked noticing he was staring out the window.
''What? Yeah I'm fine. I was just thinking about mom.''
''You too huh?'' I asked
''Yeah.''  We both sat in silence for a while.
''Do you think she didn't love us enough?'' Damian asked staring out the window.
''Who, your mom?''
''Alright okay, I'm sorry. I was just wondering why she killed herself.''
''I don't know either Damian but I'm not going around accusing her of not loving me.'' I wouldn't be able to live with myself if she killed herself because she had no love for me or our children.
''Did you ever think of getting a doctor to perform an autopsy on her body?'' The question shocked me.
''Why would I do that?'' I asked looking over at him while I drove.
''Never mind I'm just wondering.'' He said avoiding my gaze.
''Damian are you okay?"'
''Yes, just a bit tired. Do you mind if we go back home.''
''Damian if I left it's because I'm not going back any time soon. I thought you understood that.''
''Oh. I thought you were just gonna cool off.''
''Damian you have got to be kidding me.''
''So you want to go back?'' I asked
Reader's P.O.V.
When you woke up the next morning you felt.... empty.
''Ve ~ ____________. Finally you're awake,'' You looked up and it was Feliciano sitting on the made up side of the bed staring at you.
''I've been sitting here for an hour.''
''Sorry 'bout that Feli.'' You sat up.
''You never told me what happened.'' You explained everything that had happened at Ludwig's house and what had happened when you got back to the house.
''He called you a murderer?''
''Yes.'' The very thought of the events of the night before made you want to yell that you weren't Isabella to everybody. At least Feliciano knew.
''Why did he say I murdered his daughter?'' You asked.
''He thinks your Isabella.''
''Well yeah, but why did he say Isabella murdered his daughter.''
''I dunno.''
''You don't know anything about that subject?''
''No. No one ever told me anything about Diana being murdered. She went missing.'' Feliciano had shocked expression on his face.
''Yes, she was Isabella and Lovino's daughter. She went missing last year. She was 5. Lovino's only girl. He loved her more than anything in the world. She was Isabella's only daughter too.''
''And Isabella killed her?'' You felt your ace start to turn from the anger that took over you.
''Like I said mia bella,. I was in Germany when she went missing. When I got back no one was home, Every body was out looking for her. I loved Diana so much. She was so beautiful. She had Lovino's eyes and a curl. She had Isabella's beautiful hair. She was easily the most gorgeous child alive. Then she left us.'' Feliciano looked like he was about to cry.
''I'm sorry I made you remember that Feli.''
''It's okay _____________.''
''Oh by the way Lovino's back.''
''He's up stairs.''
''This house had four floors?'' You asked. The house only looked like it had three.
''Si. The entrance to the Fourth floor is in Lovino's study.'' You jumped off the bed.
''Wait ___________ he –'' You didn't get to hear him. In matter of 5 seconds you were out of the room. You didn't care if you were in what Isabella called her night gown which was awfully short, Lovino was far more important. You went I Lovino's study and looked around.
'Where's the entrance?' You thought to yourself. You looked around and saw nothing. You walked to the back of the study. There were 3 book selves. Maybe it was one o those things where you pilled a book and the door way opened somehow. You went around pulling every book you could reach. There were many. None of them worked.
''That bastard!'' You found yourself yelling the words and suddenly the book shelves moved away from each other revealing a huge door. At first you backed away. Then you got closer to the door and turned the knob. The door was heavy. You pushed it open with all your strength and went inside a hall. When you stepped in the hall the book shelves took their original position making you trapped in what you imagined was the entrance to the fourth floor. You went down the hall until you came across a staircase. You went up the stairs and when you got o the top there was a long wide hall. The floor was made of dark wood and the ceiling had small chandeliers. There were about 20 doors, 10 on either side. Where could Lovino be? You went down the hall. You opened one door and there was nothing, just a room with old paintings in which you weren't interested at the moment.  One door caught your attention. It was a light pink door at the end of the hall. You walked slowly to the door. When you got to it the smell of whiskey caught your attention. You turned the knob and the smell got stronger. When you opened the door you were amazed at what you saw. The room was bigger than any of the other rooms you had seen in the house. In the center of the room there was a princess bed with a veil hanging down on it. You looked closer at the bed and saw a figure. It was Lovino. He was sleeping on the bed with a bottle of whiskey in his hand. You tip toed to the bed making sure you didn't wake him. You sat on the edge of the bed and stared at him. He was so beautiful when he slept. Then you realized he was only wearing his boxers. You blushed. You had to wake him up. You stroked his cheek carefully. He didn't move. Either he was a very deep sleeper or he had just had too much whiskey. You got closer to him.  He was breathing quietly, it sounded cute. You had to wake him up... somehow. You had to tell him everything. You weren't about to go to jail because of a supposed murder you hadn't committed. You poked his arm, nothing. You tried moving his position nothing. Then you noticed his curl. Something about you told you not to touch that. Feliciano had the same curl. When you asked him about his cute curl he said never to touch it. Maybe whatever it did it could wake Lovino up You poked it, then moved your hand quickly as if it was some sort of poison. You poked it again, this time Lovino moved a bit. Was this really the way to wake him up? You decided to pull it softly. He moaned  and shifted a bit I your direction. You pulled it harder,
''Dammit can't I get some sleep!?'' Lovino was now on top of you pinning you to the bed.
''I – I – ''
''I told you never again to touch my curl Isabella.''
''I – I just didn't – '' He smashed his lips onto yours. What the hell was this? His hands were at your sides and you were still completely lost. He sat you up still kissing you. He moved to your neck and started kissing you again.
''Lov- Lovino....'' You had to tell him now.
''LOVINO!'' You yelled his name which only seemed to make him want to kiss you more. You gathered up all the strength you had in you and pushed him off. His face as well as yours was red.
''I – I... You damned bastard what are you doing here? I told you never to come in this room again.'' You looked around the room had doll houses and little suffed animals scattered everywhere.
''Whose room is this.'' You had to get him to realize you weren't Isabella on his own.
''It's Diana's remember?'' He seemed hurt be the thought.
''I don't remember.'' You wished he would take the hint.
''Why'd you doit.''
''Loviino I didn't kill her!'' You couldn't take his accusations any more.
''But you helped. You helped the one that did kill her ____________.'' Your heart stopped. How did he know your name?
'' I .....''
''Never tell Feliciano a secret. He would give the dead his soul if his life depended on it.''
''I – I'm... So sorry. I shouldn't...'' You had no words.
''I'm not going to turn you into the police ___________. I'm not going to hold you back either. Your free to leave.'' He had a hit of sorrow on his face. You didn't want to leave him. It was hard to believe, but you had grown to like Lovino in the past three days. You liked his personality, You liked his children, and you just downright adored him. But he didn't want you. He wanted the real Isabella. He thought you were the real Isabella. Then it occurred to you.
''Wait, if you already knew I wasn't Isabella... Why did you kiss me?'' You blushed noticing his smirk.
''You pulled my curl.''
''Here I'll show you, pull it again.'' He got closer to you and you got a little frightened. You hesitated when reaching for his curl. He got closer to you and you pulled it. His reaction was immediate. He got on top of you and kissed you moving his hands up and down your sides. Was this really what the curl did? You kissed him back passionately. You both pulled apart for air.
''Well.... That's why you kissed me?'' You said catching your breath.
''Not completely.'' He said. His face was red.
''You... you attract me.'' You felt your self blush.
''Because I look like Isabella?'' You were disappointed.
''That's one reason. There are many others.''
''Your more beautiful that she is ___________.''
''We look exactly the same.''
''I wasn't talking about the looks bella.''
''I'm not Bella.'' He laughed.
''It means beautiful in Italian.''
''Yes well, I was talking about your heart. It's more pure than any heart I've ever known. Not anyone would give up their lives for 2 weeks to come and have me as a husband.'' You looked at him. He was now sitting in front of you.
''I was a bit skeptical about the idea at first.'' You admitted. He smiled.
''Bu you decided to help her. Isabella took advantage of your ingenuity.''
''Lovino... I –''
''Wait, hold that thought.'' He went closer to you and pulled up your night gown revealing your thigh.
''What are you –''
''I should have noticed it before.''
''Noticed what?'' He was touching you thigh which made you a bit uncomfortable.
''You don't have it.''
''Have what?''
''The birth mark. Isabella has a birthmark in her thigh. You don't.''
''Oh...'' He stopped touching your thigh and pulled the gown down again.
''What were you saying again?'' Lovino asked still very close to you.
''I... I want to know more about Diana, and her disappearance, if that's okay with you.''
''Its fine. Diana was everything to me. Then she took her away. It went like this...''
Well... This was interesting. In the next part there will be a featuring of the real Isabella's P.O.V. I already wrote the first part. I was crying the whole time.
The image is not mine. Here's the link: [link]
Hope you all enjoy.
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