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Lovino said to be ready by 8:00. You had plenty of time. You went down the stairs examining all the portraits along the walls. Most of the pictures were of Damian and Nico. You decided to make your way to the kitchen. When you got to the kitchen you saw Nico. He was a beautiful little boy. His eyes were a beautiful shade of hazel just like Lovino's. He had sort of a bed head type of hair. It fit perfectly.
''Good morning Nico.'' You said as you grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge.
''Ciao Mrs. Isabella,'' He said going back to his game.
''Nico call me Bella. Mrs. Isabella sounds too formal, don't you think?'''' You didn't know if the real Isabella would say that but the little boy's beauty was irresistible.
''Si.'' He walked over and sat in the chair next to you.
''You look very pretty today Bella.'' He said as he took a tomato from the basket on the counter and sat next to you leaving his game behind.
''Thank you Nico, You look very handsome yourself.'' He smiled and then took a bite out of the tomato.
''Nico I – since when do you come in the kitchen?'' Damian was standing by the door looking at you.
''Am I not allowed?'' You asked
''What ever. Nico I found your phone.'' Damian threw Nico his phone and started to walk away.
''Damian, why don't you come sit with us?'' You offered.
''Why?'' He asked not turning around.
''I would like to spend more time with you and Nico.'' You thought that was a good enough excuse.
''NO! First of all you never have, why do you want to now? And second of all, YOUR NOT MY MOM!'' He was yelling in your face.
''Ve ~ I heard yelling what's wrong?''Feliciano walked I the kitchen and stopped when he saw Damian in your face.
''Damian stop yelling at your mom it's disrespectful.'' Feliciano went and pulled Damian away.
''She's not my mom uncle Feli!'' Damian walked out of the room followed by Nico.
''Are you okay Bella?'' Feliciano said as he sat in the seat Nico had been sitting in before.
''I'm fine. I just wanted to spend some time with them. That's all.''
''That doesn't seem like you Isabella.'' You filched when he changed his tone of voice when he said Isabella.
''- - I want to get to know them better than I already do.''
''Si well – '' He got cut off by your phone that was on the counter.
''Hold that thought.'' You tried to get the phone but Feliciano got it first.
''It's..... It's... Isabella.'' He looked at you in confusion.
''It's my friend Isabella.'' You took the phone from him and answered it.
''Um... Hello.''
''_____________, how are things going?'' The real Isabella said.
''Good. How about yourself?''
''Someone's there?'' She asked.
''Is it Lovino?''
Okay, well is Lovino still being a complete idiot?'' You thought about her question. If you said no, she would think you were doing something wrong.
''Yes.'' You said making up your mind.
''Good then everything's going as planned.''
''Yes it is.''
''Okay, don't call me. I'll call you okay?''
''Sure.'' She hung up and you did as well. You put the phone on the counter and found Feliciano staring at you.
''How was the talk Isabella?'' Feliciano said.
''It was good. I have to go – ''
''Ve ~ don't yell at me Isabella, but... Who are you?" The question shocked you.
''I – I'm Isabella Vargas, and you?'' You said acting like it was a game.
''_____________, I won't tell anyone.'' You stared at him.
''I – I – I – Feliciano I, God damn it.'' You felt yourself begin to break down.
''No no please don't cry ___________, It's not your fault. I overheard Isabella talking about it over the phone a few weeks ago.'' He said as he hugged you.
''Feli, please I beg you don't tell anyone. I'm just doing Isabella a favor.'' You said as he let go.
''don't worry, I won't tell anyone Isabella.'' He said. You smiled and hugged him again.
''Thank you. Can I ask you something?'' You asked.
''Lovino asked me to go with him to Gilberts house. Who is Gilbert?''
''He is a friend of Lovino's. He is a very nice guy. You have nothing to worry about, He won't get in your way.'' Feliciano said.
''Thanks for the help. I gotta go, please don't tell anyone. Especially Lovino.'' You hugged him again and ran to Lovino's bedroom.
Whe you got to the room, you closed the door and sat on the bed. There were two things you were positive of, you could trust Feliciano, were suddenly very tired. You lay on the bed and started to drift into sleep.
----------- A dream ------------
In your dream you were walking with Lovino on the beach. You were running and he was walking behind you.
''Please stop running ___________, I don't feel like running.'' He said.
''Okay. What do you want to do?''
''I don't know, maybe we could sit and watch the sunset.''
''But that's boring.'' You said standing in front of him.
''Fine. What do you want to do?'' He took both your hands and looked down at you.
''Can we build a sand castle?'' You asked.
''A sandcastle?''
''Yeah. Whoever builds the biggest sand castle get's to choose what we do next. We have 6 minutes.''
''Fine.'' You both started to build your sand castles. You built a good sand castle but when you looked at Lovino's castle... It was about 3 feet tall and 7 feet wide.''
''Times up!'' Lovino went by your side and lifted up your chin.
''I win.''
''Fine, what do you want to do?'' You said looking up at him.
''I want you to let me love you.'' He lifted you up and started to kiss you.
''Ti amo Bella.'' That's when you woke up.
----------------- You woke up --------------------
Lovino was on top of you stroking your cheek. You opened your eyes and didn't notice.
''Bella, your awake...''
'' Yeah...'' Out of no where you pulled him into a hug.
''You were sleep talking Bella.'' He said as he sat up still hugging you.
'' What did I say?''
''You said you wanted to build a sand castle with me.'' He laughed and then kissed your neck making you flinch.
''I do.'' You said, putting your head on the crook of his neck.
''A sand castle?'' He said.
''Mhm.'' You replied still hugging him.
''Interesting.'' He kissed you neck again and then got off the bed.
''It's seven. We've got an hour before we go to Gilbert's'' You remembered the invitation and got off the bed as well.
''You get ready.'' You said going over to him.
''Forget it.''
''Lovino tell me.''
''Are you sure?"
''Okay if you say –''
''All I want to know is why... I'm not trying to pick a fight or anything... It would just be nice to know after all these years.'' You were so confused.
''Let's not talk about that now okay?'' You said. You had no clue what else to say.
''Bella, you're the one that asked.'' He said taking his clothes and going into the bathroom.
When e walked out of the bathroom he was wearing a red collard shirt and black dress pants. You went in the bathroom and took a shower. You decided to were a black layered shirt and a pair of white skinny jeans.
''Sei bellissima Bella.'' Feliciano said when you went down stairs. You looked at him.
''It means you look beautiful.'' Feliciano said spinning you around.
''Ahhhh, thanks Feli. Do you know where Lovino is?''
''Si, He's in the car waiting.'' Feliciano said leading you to the door.
'' Have a good night Bella.''
When you got to Gilberts house you were amazed at how big it was. It was like Lovino's house. Lovino opened the door for you and you both walked to the front door.  Lovino knocked and the door was opened by a tall albino. He let you both In not taking his eyes off of you.
''Glad you're here Lovino, Antonio called. He's at the air port and wants to know if you can go pick him up.''
''Okay, sure.'' Lovino started to head out the door again. And then turned around.
''Do you want to come Isabella?''
''Su – ''
''Let her stay. She could talk with Elizabeta. She won't let me go near the kitchen. Ludwig invited her. Plus there are hundreds of frying pans in the kitchen, It would be best if Isabella kept her busy.'' The albino said pointing in the direction of what you guessed was the kitchen.
''Okay I'll be back.'' Lovino went over to you and kissed your cheek. He then walked out the door and the albino closed it.
'' I'm serious about Elizabeta though. She has threatened to kill me.'' The albino laughed and started to walk towards the direction of the kitchen. You followed. Half way there he stopped and turned towards you making you bump into him.
''Calm down lieben.'' He said when you stumbled back.
''Sorry.'' You said once you had regained you balance.
'' I love it when you talk.'' He went closer to you and you tried to back away which only caused you to bump into the wall.
''Excuse me?'' You said hoping you had heard wrong.
''There's no one around lieben.'' He took you by the waist and swung ypou over his shoulder with ease.
''Let me – ''
''Shhhhh.'' He raced up the stairs and into one of the halls.
''Now, let's begin'' He started to kiss your neck and you tried to get away.
''Let me go.'' You slipped away from him but he grabbed you around the waist and pushed you against the wall.
''Now now Isabella, You've pleasured me many times before when I'm not I the mood. It's my turn.'' He lifted you up again and went into a room near the door. He threw you on the bed and you tried to jump off but he jumped on you before you could.
''Get off!'' What was this guy doing?
''Why must you make things difficult Isabella?'' He was on top of you playing with a strand of your hair. You were breathing extremely hard.
''I swear if you don't get off of me I will yell.'' You threatened.
''Yell ahead lieben. I've always wanted everybody to find out I'm your lover, go ahead. Yell away.'' He smiled and suddenly it all made sense. This was Isabella's lover. This was the guy that Lovino was talking about. But Lovino didn't know it was him.
''Yell my name.'' He started to kiss your neck again.
''Get off!'' You tried to kick him but he had your legs restrained.
''What did Lovino do this time. I've never seen you this resistant.'' He said as he kissed your jaw.
''He did nothing! It's you! Get off!''
''What is – '' The door opened and you saw a tall muscular man with blonde hair stare at you and the albino.
''Ludwig now is not the time.'' The gut on top of you said looking at the man.
''Gilbert she obviously doesn't want too. Get off of her.'' Ludwig said calmly. Maybe he was used to walking in on Isabella and her lover.
''Please west, what would you know about women not wanting too. Now if you please, close the door.'' Ludwig walked over to where Gilbert and you were and pried him off of you. Once he was off of you , you jumped off the bed and ran out the room.
''Isabella wait.'' You heard Ludwig and stopped two steps away from the room.
''Gilbert. Yiu stay here or I will personally tell Elizabeta to hit you with all the frying pans in the kitchen.'' Ludwig walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.
''Are you okay Isabella?'' He asked.
''Yeah.'' You felt tears start to well up in your eyes.
''Don't cry. Come into my office. Elizabeta cannot see you like this or she will go on asking what happened.''
You followed him into a acircular room. It was his office. He closed the door and went to a coffee maker.
''Would you like some?'' He offered.
''No, I'm good thank you.'' You said wipping the tears away from your face. Ludwig walked over to where you were and stood in front of you.
''Isabella, have you thought about telling Lovino about you and Gilbert. It seems like the right thing to do.''
''NO! He – He can't know. It would affect him very much.'' You said not even imagining how bad it would be.
'' Well. Then have you thought about telling Gilbert you've had enough.'' His voice was deep. It sort of reminded you of your friend back home.
''I have,'' You lied. You didn't know what Isabella would say.
''But... Gilbert would do something about it. The last thing I want is another scandal you said not looking him in the eyes so he couldn't tell you were lying.
''Yes I suppose your right. But Isabella, I love you, you're like the sister  to me, I can't let you keep on doing this.'' He lifted up your chin.
''I know.'' He pulled you into a comforting hug and you accepted it.
''I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!'' Lovino stormed into the room and Ludwig let go of you.
''IT WAS YOU ALL ALONG. THAT EXPLAINS WHY YOU TWO ARE ALWAYS SO CLOSE!'' Lovino went over to Ludwig and pushed him.
''Lovino what are you talking about?'' Ludwig said calmy.
''That's ridiculous Lovino.'' Ludwig said taking another push from Lovino.
''Lovino stop!'' You went over to him and stood between both of them.
''Don't you dare insult her Lovino!'' Ludwig grabbed Lovino by the collar and he looked angry.
''OR WHAT!'' Lovino threatened.
''I don't think you want to know what.'' Ludwig said not letting go of him.
''Stop both of you stop!'' Ludwig let go of Lovino and Lovino stormed towards you.
''YOU ARE A WHORE!'' He yelled in your face and left pushing Ludwig aside.
''Lovino wait!'' You ran after him and took his hand before he went down the stairs.
''Please you have to believe me! There's nothing between me and Ludwig. I swear!'' You were crying and talking at the same time which didn't work out for you.
''I don't know why I ever believed anything you said. Everything about you disgusts me Isabella. EVERYTHING!'' He pulled his hand away from yours.
''No! Please! Please I'll do anything you want just believe me!'' You cried.
''I'M DONE WITH YOU!'' He continued to run down the stairs and stormed out the door.
''What happened?''
''Elizabeta now is not the time.'' Ludwig got his car keys and took your hand.
''No, It's okay. I'll call Feliciano. I've caused you enough trouble already.'' You took out your phone and dialed Feliciano's number.
''Ve, ciao who is this?'' You walked out the door and closed it behind you.
''Feli it's me, ____________. Please come pick me up.''
''Ve ~ why what's wrong. Why are you crying?''
''Lovino and I... He left please come. I'll explain it to you leater. Please hurry up.''
''Si. I will be there in no time.'' He hung up and so did you. You sat on the stairs of the porch and wiped the tears away from your face.
''Isabella.'' Ludwig walked out of his house
''Please Ludwig I want to be alone.''
''Did Feliciano say he was coming for you?''
''Isabella. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause all this trouble.''
''it's not your fault Ludwig. Lovino has been going on about this topic for a while.''
'' Are you sure your okay? Do you want to come inside?''
''No. I'm fine.''
''Well then let me wait with you okay.'' He sat next to you on the pavement.
About 20 minutes later you heard the familiar sound of Feliciano's fast driving you stood up and headed towards the car.
''Thank you Ludwig.'' You got in the car.
''Ve Ciao Germany ~'' Feli said from the convertible.
''Feli hurry up.''
''Si Bella !'' He started up the car and started to drive.
It took Feli about 15 minutes rather than the 45 minute drive it was supposed to be. When Feli parked outside the house, you stormed out of the car and through the house doors. You ran up the stairs and into the room. You saw Lovino. He was sitting in the bed with his head resting in his hands.
''Lovino...'' You walked in the room.
''Leave me alone if you don't want to get hurt.''
''You won't hurt me.'' You said knowing that wasn't true.
''I honestly don't want to see you or hear you anymore Isabella. Leave.''
''I won't leave I need to explain –''
''If you don't leave than I will.'' He went towards the closet and pulled out a suit case.
''What are you doing?'' You said staying In your place.
''I SAID I'M LEAVING DAMMIT!'' He started to put clothes in the suit case.
''No, you can't leave!'' You went over to him and pushed him against the wall.
''WHY WOULD I WANT TO STAY WITH SOMEONE LIKE YOU?! YOU'RE A WHORE, A LIAR, A BEAST! YOU – ARE – A - MURDERER!'' You stared at him in shock. A murderer? He continued to yell at you.
Alas, the long awaited chapter two. Wow this is alot of writing. I literally spent all day working on this. Hope you all enjoy. There will be a part 3.
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R5lover4ever Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I-I killed my own d-daughter? .......................................................... WHY! Waaaah! :( (Sad) Oh Noes! 
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Lol when will the torture stop.. Reader chan, just tell Lovino you're not Isabella... ;A;

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I'm gonna get you, real Isabella. >:(
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I bet isabella was off to her other lover that's why she left her sister do all the dirty work and she got away with itand probably trying to take lovi's fortune
XDJAPAN Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I was about to include Russia in the story... I might include him later on.Trust me Isabella destroyed MANY lives.
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please let romano threaten feli until he spill the beans bout reader-san's secret
that'll save her O[]O//
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I;m uploading the third one right now.
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Okay at that point even /he/ would be able to see how lost I was with everything... I can catch on sometimes.... But with this... Woah i'd have to call izzy...
SherryVeramuto Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
and now i'm getting blamed for it?!
isabella! get your butt over here! i'm gonna kill you!
i don't wanna go to jail because of you!!
SherryVeramuto Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
wait wait what? my twin is a murderer? o_O
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Xenillyn Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013
You're welcome))
wolfeexarfxarf Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
GDI I stopped haf being like " I'M NOT HER IMNOT HER DUDE PLEASE COME TO ME DONT LEAVE ME MY SSTER ABSCONDED AHH" then I am now like " She planned this. My own sister killed her daughter, and is going to let me die? Okay sis, You're dead. To me and the world, if I take the hit, You better take a bullet."
XDJAPAN Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
right on
CorporalCornbread Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:icondafuqplz: Da fuq kind of sister do I have?
Well, I can't wait for the next one!
XDJAPAN Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Queen-of-the-Pride Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
VAS! :icondafuckplz: What is wrong with my sister? Murdering Lovino's poor little girl? Cheating on Lovino with Prussia? :iconkolplz:

On a different note, this story is Amazing. Like i'm just sitting here outraged and waiting for the next chapter XD
So much suspence and drama :iconflailingplz:
XDJAPAN Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
It will come soon dear
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Ahh but I think I understand what is going on now~ I don't want Lovi to be mad at me nuu... </3
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He won't be for long love~
ramarishana Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
O gosh, it's been a while since I've gotten this excited about a fic. Very interesting concept btw, and great execution of the idea so far. You've gotten a handle on grammar, good writing style, and the usage of cliffhangers and suspense (although the suspense is killing me...) I can't wait til the next update!
XDJAPAN Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you~
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