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You walked out of the kitchen. Feli had made some pasta and you had found out extremely quickly that Antonio or ‘’Tony’’ as he had told you to call him, loved Feli’s homemade tomato sauce. Basically tomatoes in general.
‘’I’m going to go see Gilbert later today.’’ The name made you remember Ludwig.
‘’That won’t be possible Antonio.’’ Lovino said as he sat down In the dining room.
‘’Why not?’’
‘’He left with Isabella.’’
‘’Antonio I have a lot to catch you up on.’’
‘’Si bueno. You’ll catch me up after dinner?’’
‘’I brought the pasta.’’ You said as you put the huge dish on the table.
‘’And the tomatoe sauce, Feli is such a good cook, how come you can’t cook Lovi?’’
‘’Bastard don’t call me Lovi, and because no one taught me.’’
‘’Yes I guess you’re right.’’
‘’Ve, I tried to help you learn Lovi but you didn’t let me.’’
‘’DON’T CALL ME-‘’ You looked at him and he stopped yelling.
‘’She’s got you tamed.’’ Antonio said as he laughed at Lovino.
‘’I can’t be tamed.’’
‘’I doubt that, she gives you one look and you shut up.’’
‘’I have respect.’’
‘’More like a serious case of love.’’ You blushed.
‘’Shut up.’’
‘’I don’t blame you, she is a bella dama.’’
‘’She’s is beautiful.’’ Lovino was staring at you as you sat down in the chair between Nico and Feli.
‘’Can you pass the sauce?’’ Damian spoke. It was the first time he had spoken since the funeral.
‘’Sure.’’ You passed the bowl of sauce that was almost half empty from the excessive amount taken by both Lovino and Antonio.
‘’Thank you.’’ You started to eat your spaghetti and everyone else did the same.
About 2 hours after dinner Antonio suggested to go to the Pool along with everybody else. You agrgued saying you didn’t have a bathing suit but Lovino took your hand and led you up the stairs.
‘’You can use Isabella’s. She won’t be coming back anymore. If she dares to... Don’t even want to think about it. Feel free to use anything.’’ He was about to walk out the bedroom door when you stopped him.
‘’Lovi...’’ He smiled.
‘’What?’’ You asked.
‘’It sounds cute when you say it.’’
‘’What did you want to say?’’
‘’Nothing. Thanks.’’
‘’Sure.’’ He walked out the door. You went to the closet. Isabella had about two dozen different bathing suits. You took the one that showed the least. Although it wasn’t any better than the rest of them. The top was blue with white stripes and the bottom part was the same. You also took a blue sheet like thing that went over the bottom part of the bathing suit. When you walked out of the bathroom you stared at yourself in the dresser mirror. You were about to walk out of the room when Lovino walked in. He stared at you which made you feel uncomfortable so you blushed. He was in his swim trunks and his well toned upper body was showing. This mad you blush even more.
‘’You look beautiful.’’ He said as he moved closer to you.
‘’Thank you. You look...’’
‘’Shhh.’’ He put a finger on your lips and you started into his beautiful eyes.
‘’You have no idea how much I want to kiss you right now,’’ He whispered into your ear.
‘’But I won’t you wanted time and I’m going to give you it.’’ He walked to the dresser and started to look for something.
‘’Hm?’’ He turned toward’s you and you surprised him with a kiss on the cheek and ran out the room.
Lovino’s P.O.V.
I quickly got the sun screen for Nico and Damian and ran after you. You looked so beautiful as you walked. So pure. So... So sexy. You probably didn’t mean to though. You looked as if you felt uncomfortable in the bathing suit but I loved how you looked.
‘’Wait.’’ I caught up to you and you smiled at me. When we reached the patio you sat in a chair next to the one Feliciano was in. I went over to Antonio who was staring at you.
‘’Could you at least try to contain how much she attracts you?’’ It’s starting to piss me off.’’
‘’Lovi you’re always pissed at something.’’
‘’Sgut up.’’
‘’Besides, how can I keep my eyes off of her she’s gorgeous, like a godess.’’
‘’You’ve been spending way too much time with Heracles. Besides, she’s my godess.’’
‘’You need to step up your game then.’’
‘’I’m just kidding.’’ He lightly punched my arm and I pushed him into the water.
‘’don’t play rough Lovino.’’ I heard your voice and turned around.
‘’He was-‘’
‘’Shhhh.’’ You leaned towards me and I closed my eyes. That was a mistake. You took the opportunity that I had my back facing the water and pushed me In but I had my arm around you so I took you with me.
The water hit my face and I felt you swim up to the surface, I followed.
‘’You bastard,’’ You put your wet hair off of your face and I laughed. It had been a while since I had laughed. It felt good.
‘’I didn’t want to get in.’’ You said. You looked so beautiful with the water against your skin,
‘’You- ah.’’ You yelled and sunk into the water. Antonio then emerged with you in his arms. I knew he was only getting close to you to make me make a move on you, it was what he did when I liked a girl in high school, but with you it was different. I wanted you to be with me.
‘’Hey bella.’’ You started to lausgh and I noticed he was tickling you.
‘’Stop. Tony stop it.’’ You said between laughter. Antonio looked at me ten at her. That was when he did when he wanted me to join in. I reluctantly got closer to you and started to tickle you.
‘’Lovi no, stop. Stop.’’ You were laughing incredibly hard and trying to move away so I would stop tickling you but I didn’t let you go you were now against my body and splashing everywhere. You were facing me, I stopped tickling you and you rested your head on my wet chest.
‘’Don’t ever tickle me again.’’
‘’I’m afraid that was way too much fun to not do again.’’
‘’Well then it’s my turn.’’ I tried to swim away but you grabbed my arm and started to tickly my stomach. I squirmed away and you swam to me again.
‘’No so fast.’’ You tickled me and I laughed. I took you around the waist and you stopped.
‘’I swear I can’t wait till you fall in love with me.’’
‘’I don’t think you’ll have to.’’ I looked at you. Were you being serious?
‘’Do you mean...’’
‘’I’m already in love with you Lovino, you know that.’’
‘’How much do you love me?’’
‘’You have no idea.’’
‘'You’re right I don’t. Show me.’’ I started to kiss you and you kissed back. A passionate. Loving, kiss full of lust and love. I put my hands around you and you put your hands around my neck.
‘’Lovino... the kids.’’
‘’Antonio’s keeping them busy.’’ Out of the corner of my eye I could see Antonio playing soccer with them out on the lawn. Feliciano had fallen asleep in the chair. You kept on kissing me and I felt myself lose all the worries in me. That was until you touched my curl. I feared I wouldn’t be able to stop myself, to contain myself. But I did.
‘’I really like that curl of yours.’’ I felt myself blush as I let you go.
‘’Ti amo mi amore.’’
‘’I love you too Lovino.’’
‘’I know I’ll never be able to make you love me as much as you loved Ludwig but-‘’
‘’Reader’s p.o.v.
‘’Everything’s possible.’’ You remembered the dream you had before. How Ludwig told you everything was possible. How he told you to fall in love again. You were taking his advice. You could practically feel him smiling at you.
‘’I don’t want to push it though, one step at a time.’’
‘’Mia bella ragazza, ti amo.’’
Gawd I love Lovino. Anyway. The next one will be very interesting. It will include reader going to that fourth floor no one goes to. Good luck
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