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  ''All I need you to do is pretend to be me for 2 weeks _________________. That's all.'' Your twin sister was in your house. She had flown all the way from Italy to get you to take her place for her because she had to go somewhere and her husband wouldn't let her.
''Isabella no, I can't. I have a life too.'' You said. As much as you had always wanted to go to Italy, You hadn't seen your sister in 13 years. You didn't even know her husband or her step sons. The only reason she had come all the way was because she needed a favor and she had taken advantage of the fact that she was on a business trip to ask you.
''Please. The plan is simple. My husband thinks that I'm on a business trip. I'm supposed to go back to Italy tomorrow. Instead of me, you'll go. He won't even be able to tell the difference.'' She looked at you.
'' What if I don't?'' You said. She rolled her eyes.
''If you don't I'll die and you'll have to live with the fact that you could have saved my life.'' She turned around and started heading towards the door.
''Isabella wait,'' What were you getting yourself into? She stopped in her tracks but didn't turn to look at you.
''Fine I'll do it, but only for 2 weeks. That's it. If you're not back in two weeks, I'm leaving.'' She turned around and smirked. It looked sort of evil but you brushed that thought aside.
- Later that evening...
''Okay ___________, You need to get to know the family. She sat down on the sofa and you followed. She took out her lap top and started up a power point. She had already planned this. She knew you were too soft hearted to say no.
''Okay. This is Damian.'' She paused the power point at the picture of a boy. He had short choppy brown hair and brown eyes. ''He is the oldest of my step sons. He is 12. He's also the most trouble. He doesn't like me. His mom died when he was 6. He has a strong temper, don't be bothered by his words.'' She moved onto another picture this was a younger boy. He had shaggy curly hair. It was a sort of brownish reddish color. His eyes were a light hazel. ''This is Nicolas. He likes to be called Nico. He is 11 years old. He is more tolerable than Damian but he doesn't like me either.'' She moved to a different picture. This wasn't a boy. He was about your age. ''This is Feliciano. It's my husband's brother. He is a very nice person, always very cheerful. He tries to maintain a good relationship with his brother but my husband is a difficult person. I get along... Well with him. He pesters me way too much. Then last but not least there's... Lovino. This is my husband.'' The guy had dark brown hair that resembled Damian's. He had a curl on the side of his head. It looked cute. His eyes were a light shade or brown, like hazel. In the picture he looked mad. ''Lovino is a very.... Special person. He gets mad easily and I think he feels inferior to his brother. He and I are having some marriage problems at the moment. So when you talk to him try to sound cold and stern.'' This didn't fit your personality but you could give it a try.
''Um... ____________, You're going to have to do something about that.'' She eyed you.
''About what?'' You tried to sound offended.
''About the way you dress. Lovino is very rich. He will not allow,... This.'' She pointed to the casual band T shirt you were wearing.
'' Isabella, unlike you, I don't have all the money in the world. And even if I did I would still dress like this.'' You pointed at your shirt.
''Well that just won't do.'' Isabella walked out the door and came back in with a suit case.
''What are you doing.'' She took out a dress and threw it at you.
''Change into that.''
''Go!'' You went up to your room and changed into the white knee length dress. It had a high clevelage so that made you feel a bit better. You put your hair up so that your hair looked a bit more like yourself.
''Done.'' You said as you got to the living room.
''Good, but..... Your hair, Put it down.'' You rolled your eyes and reluctantly put your hair down.
''Happy?'' You asked throwing the hair tie on the sofa.
''Not quite. You makeup style HAS to change. Come with me.'' She took the suit case and grabbed your hand. When you both reached the bathroom, she took out makeup removal tools and started to take off the makeup from your face.
''Done, now... rule number one about being me __________, No black eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, nothing. Isabella, meaning me, does not wear black makeup.''
''But ''
''No buts. From now until you're you again you wear these.'' She took out what looked like 16 boxes of different makeup. She started to put pink eye shadow on you.
''NO! Isabella if I can't wear the makeup I want, I'm not wearing any makeup at all.'' You tried to sound firm.
''Fine by me. You look better without all the makeup on anyway.'' She put all the boxes back in the suit case as fast as she had taken them out.
''Now, go to sleep. You leave tomorrow at 6:00 am. I am going to stay over till tomorrow and I will take you to the air port where I will catch a flight to Canada. Okay?'' You nodded and headed to your room to get ready and go to sleep.
- The next morning...
As you drove to the airport with Your sister Isabella, You started to question her.
''Isabella, what is it you have to do that your husband won't let you?''
''First of all, I'm not Isabella anymore. I'm ______________, and you're Isabella. You need to get used to being called that.'' You nodded. She was right from now on you weren't _________   __________. You were Isabella Vargas. The name sounded perfect. What about the life?
''What did you mean by problem's when you said you and your husband have problems?'' You asked.
''One question at a time Isabella. First of all I am going to go to a certain place I can't tell you about for a medical reason. And second of all, Lovino won't let me go because, he doesn't know.'' Your sister sighed at the end of her sentence. You were pretty sure she was faking it.
''Doesn't know what?''
''About my sickness.''
''What sickness?''
''Mind your own business Isabella.'' You both stayed in silence until you arrived at the airport.
''Alright, here's your boarding pass.'' She handed you a boarding pass that read Italy.
''Where will you go?'' You had to try.
''That I cannot tell you. Remember, formal talking, No makeup, no band shirts, nothing of that sort. Your name is Isabella Vargas okay?'' You nodded.
''Good bye.'' Your sister turned around and started to walk away.
''Isabella,'' She stopped in her tracks.
''What's my name?''
''Oh sorry, ___________. 2 weeks right?'' You asked. She smiled and continued walking. Was that a yes?
......... Flight hours later ...........
When you arrived in Italy you took a deep breath. You walked to the front of the airport to catch a taxi.
''Ve ~ Isabella!''  You turned around.
''Uh...'' A person hugged you
''I'm sorry Isabella.'' He let go of you and backed away. Then you recognized him. It was Feliciano.
''Oh hello Feliciano.''
''Feliciano? Isabella, you call me Feli remember. Did you forget me on your trip?'' Crap.
''Uh, no of course not Feli. I'm just a little tired. Where's Lovino?'' You asked.
''Silly Isabella. Lovino told you not to expect him to pick you up. Remember?''
''What? Oh um... Yeah.'' You lied.
''Come on. Let's go.''
Feliciano's driving was crazy. You felt like throwing up when you got out of the car , but the feeling went away when you saw the house before you. It was..... like a palace.
''Bella, close your mouth it's unlike you.'' Feli saw that your jaw dropped and lifted your chin to make it closed.
''I um... sorry.'' You said. Feliciano took out your bags and ran towards the front door of the house. You followed. When you went inside the house, you were overcome by the beauty of it all. Feliciano put the bags in the by the front door and said something in what you presumed was Italian. In a matter of 5 seconds a lady in a maid outfit came in the room and took your bags up the marvelous stairs. Suddenly you saw a boy who you recognized as Damian come out of what looked like the living room. He looked up from his phone at you. He rolled his eyes and made a face.
''Nico, Hell's back!'' He turned around and went up the stairs.
'' Ve ~ they're such nice children. They are so much like they're father.'' Feliciano said. Was this really how Lovino was? You remembered what the real Isabella had told you. 'Don't be bothered by his words' You took that into mind and turned towards Feliciano.
''Do you know when Lovino will be here?'' You had to be prepared to put up with his so called 'anger'.
''No, He never tells me anything Isabella, you should know that... Are you okay?'' Feliciano turned towards you.
'' Yeah uh, I mean yes. I'm fine. Just a... little tired from the flight that's all.''
''Ve, well I should lead you towards your room, I don't want you to fall off the stairs or anything.'' You nodded. You didn't want to wander into any room that you weren't allowed into. You walked up the stairs following Feliciano. When you got up the full stairs you saw what looked like 26 room lined up in one wide hall. You looked to the other side of the hall and there was one door. Feliciano smiled as he pointed to the one door.
''There you go, have a good night bella.'' Feliciano hugged you and ran off. You took a deep breath and walked towards the door. You opened the door and you were relieved to see that Lovino was nowhere in sight. You saw your suit case and the maid putting your clothes in the drawers and in the closet.
''I can do that, if you would like.'' You said referring to putting the clothes away.
'' No ma'am it is fine. This is my job.'' She said keeping her eye on the clothes
''Then let me help you.'' You instantly realized that the real Isabella wouldn't say that the maid gave you a skeptical face.
''If you please.'' You went by the maid's side and started to put the clothes in the drawers. You took a coat out of the suit case and went to put it in the closet. When you got to the closet you tried to keep your cool. The closet was bigger than your whole apartment. You went to where all the coats were neatly put up and put the coat there.
After about 20 minutes all the clothes were put up and the maid left and you sat on the bed. You went to the dresser to look at some of the pictures. There was one that looked like Isabella and Lovino's marriage. Lovino was wearing a tuxedo and wasn't smiling. Isabella was not smiling either. You moved onto another picture. In this one Lovino was smiling, he was next to a guy that was taller than him. The guy had chestnut brown hair that went in every direction and green eyes. You moved onto another picture that was just of Lovino alone. He was smiling and was wearing a white collared shirt. You held the picture in your hand and started at him. He didn't look like a bad person. More misunderstood than bad. Maybe Isabella just didn't know how to treat him.... Either way, that was her problem. You were just doing her a favor. This would only last for 2 weeks. After that you were done with all of this. You went to the drawer and took out what Isabella called her night gown. It was white and has a low clevelage. It wasn't your style but it was Isabella's style and you were in Isabella's life. You went into the bathroom and got dressed. When you walked outside you got into bed and tried to fall asleep. You turned all lights off and hoped you could fall asleep before Lovino got home. That didn't happen.
About 15 minutes after you got into bed, the door of the room opened. You buried yourself in the blanket and only left your eyes so you could see who it was. Lovino. It was Lovino. He walked into the room and you could tell he was taking off his shirt. You felt yourself blush. Then he started to take off his pants. You were pretty sure you were as red as a tomato. Lovino took some clothes out of the drawers and walked into the bathroom. About 20 minutes later he walked out of the bathroom wearing pants and no shirt. You mentally slapped yourself for realizing how good looking he was. He had a towel in his hand and he was drying his hair. He didn't seem to notice you were there. He got into bed and stared at the ceiling.  You didn't know whether to talk or not so you just pretended to be asleep. You felt him turn.
''Holy shi! '' He noticed you were there.
''ISABELLA!'' you got frightened by him and jumped. You opened your eyes and he was right in front of you.
''L Lovino.''
''God woman you scared me!'' He seemed to be mad.
''I I'm sorry.'' You sat up.
''I it's okay.'' He looked at you. Could he tell you weren't the real Isabella? He turned the lamp on and turned to look at you again.
''When did you get back?'' He asked not taking his eyes off of you.
''Earlier this evening.'' You found yourself staring at him as well.
'' I'm - ... tired. Please go to sleep.'' He turned around and lay down.
''Oh, sorry... okay. Um, good night.'' You said laying down as well.
When you woke up the next morning you felt... Warm. You opened your eyes and saw you were against Lovino's chest. He was holding you against him. You didn't know what to do. Would Isabella move away or would she stay there? Suddenly Lovino began to move releasing you from his grasp. You decided to get out of bed before he got you again. You got what looked like the most decent clothes Isabella owned. A plain long sleeved collar shirt and a pair of black skinny jeans. You took a bath and changed then got out of the bathroom. Lovino was awake and sitting on the bed.
''Good morning.'' Was the first thing that came into mind So you said it. He stared at you which made you feel self conscious.
''Good morning.'' He said. As he stood up and went to you.
''You seem... different.'' He was right in front of you. You could feel his heart beat against you. He started to play with a strand of your hair.
''You're not doing anything. You're not avoiding my touch. What's wrong with you? Did you really have that much fun with your lover?'' He seemed calm. He was accusing Isabella of having a lover and he was calm?
''I don't have a lover Lovino. I'm married with you aren't I.'' You moved away from him and headed towards the door.
''Isabella you don't have to lie.'' He went towards you and blocked the door.
''I am not lying.''
''Fine. If am the only man in your life, which I highly doubt, prove it.'' He changed sides with you and pinned you to the door.
''Lovino let go of me.'' You tried to break his grip but failed.
''Prove it.'' He said as he leaned towards you.
''How?'' You said giving up.
''For once tell me the truth.'' He said inches away from your face.
''About what?''
''About everything! Why did you do it? Did you really hate me that much. YOU TOOK THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERED TO ME ISABELLA, THE ONLY THING!'' He was yelling in your face but still pinning you to the door. Suddenly someone opened the door which made you fall on top of Lovino.
''CARLA HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU TO KNOCK?!'' The maid jumped at Lovino's yelling and left.
You were still on top of Lovino, he was still holding your wrists. He seemed uncomfortable being the one on the ground and flipped over making him be on top of you. You realized how hard you were breathing and tried to calm down.
''Why do you still make me feel like I need you when all I want is for you to die? I want you to die! I want you to feel what she felt!'' He smashed his lips onto yours it felt like he had wanted to kiss you the entire time he was yelling at you... well.. Isabella. He broke the kiss and  got off of you as he went into the bathroom slamming the door behind him. You felt dazed at the speed in which all of this happened. You knew he didn't want you to die.. Maybe. He wanted Isabella to die. Yet you found yourself crying at what he had said. He wanted you to fell what she felt. Who was she? You cried and cried then you heard the bathroom door open. You wiped away the tears as fast as you could. But Lovino noticed you were crying. He groaned and went by your side.
''Bella... I.... I didn't mean to ..... I didn't want to.... but... I... God damn it Bella!'' He lifted you up and pulled you against him He was wearing a pair of blue jeans but no shirt. ''You know how hard it is for me to say what I mean Isabella. I '' you caught him off guard and kissed him. Where the hell did this come from? Out of nowhere you just felt like kissing him. You tried to break away but he just pulled you closer to him. His kiss was passionate but.. fierce. He broke the kiss and hugged you. His wet hair brushing against your cheek since he was bending down. If Isabella wanted you to have her life for two weeks at least you wanted to make Lovino not mad at her.
''Do you really want me to die?'' You had to ask.
'' I just still don't know why you did that... Bella, it's best if you don't make me remember what you did or I will seriously lose it.'' His face expressions were back to the angry Lovino.
''I'm sorry.'' You had no clue what else to say. You were completely lost.
''Why are you acting so different? You're acting the way you used to act. What do you want?'' He looked at you suspiciously.
''Lovino, I want '' you had no clue what to say.
''Bella... What?'' He looked like he was willing to give you anything.
''Nothing, I want nothing.''
''Isabella, what do you want?'' His face was getting red. You took his hand and his face got redder.
''Nothing Lovino.'' He was getting impatient.
''ISABELLA!'' you jumped a little at his sudden change in tone.
''LOVINO!'' You seemed to catch him by surprise and he flinched. He chuckled a bit and then smirked. You backed away from him getting a little scared from his smirk.
''I know what you want,'' You looked at him confused.
''You want me.''  You looked up at him a little shocked by his words.
''Lovino I ''
''Is that not what you want?'' He got closer to you.
''I '' You got interrupted by a surprise kiss.
''I got invited to Gilbert's  house, hell knows why. You want to come?'' He asked going over to get a shirt. You were caught off guard by the sudden change of topic.
''Ehrm... s- sure.'' You said.
''Okay, be ready by eight. I'll be back from the office by then.'' He said as he put on the shirt. He grabbed a brief case from the dresser and went to you.
''Are you sure you're okay?''
''Uh.. Yes. See you then.'' He left leaving you in complete state of confusion. Who was Gilbert?
This is the clone x romano x reader series. I will still be going on with the Blue to the heart series this is just a pass time. This is also my first Romano x reader. Hope you like your twin. She is a bad person. You'll see...
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Isabella is actually very close to my real name
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Your artwork of Romano is wonderful. Though I didn't get a chance to read the fanfic.

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XDJAPAN Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I didn't draw it. I spent literally 2 hours to get the link to where I got it but I saved it in my computer abut 6 months ago and I can't remember what I typed up to get it. But all credit goes to who ever drew it. I will continue to look for the link
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well they'll find out eventually that that's not the real isabella and they might like her better than isabella and maybe fnd out about lovino's pain
i know one of the facts is that the 'she' he was talking about is his first wife though
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