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‘’What are you talking about?’ You felt your voice crack and tears slowly start to take over your eyes.
‘’You heard me _____________, daddy follows. But you don’t want to find him. He’s in real bad shape.’’ She made a pouty face and began to laugh again.
‘’______________.’’ Antonio spoke up.
‘’Where is he?’’
‘’You really want to find him? Do you really want to find daddy? He doesn’t want to be found.’’ Her voice was quiet, like a little child during hide and seek.
‘’Where did you hide him? WHERE IS HE ISABELLA?!’’
‘’Like you said before, I’ll help you. Just let me go, and I’ll lead you to him.’’
‘’You really think I’m that idiotic? He’s not alive is he?’’
‘’Oh he’s alive, but I bet he wish he weren’t.’’
‘’Isabella, you’re not buying yourself any time at all. You’re going to die; you might as well tell us where he is. Or we’ll just have to get out of you the hard way.’’
‘’It’s your choice, I have so many secrets. They’re hidden in so many places. Did you ever wonder where our little brother went ____________? How about our aunt Cecily? And dear Uncle Peter? None of them ever crossed your mind after they strangely ‘disappeared’ Did they __________? Your precious little puppy? Mom?’’
‘’Mom died of complications.’’ Your voice was starting to crack further. The tears that had started to well up in your eyes had left, but the small tear drops were rolling down your cheeks.
‘’Oh she died of complications alright, just... not the complications you think she died of.’’ She laughed. You got to the point where you were about to lunge the knife at her, but kept your calm.
‘’What complications... did she die of?’’
‘’Complications of the soul... And common sense.’’ She laughed again.
‘’Be more specific.’’
‘’She was having an affair with Uncle Peter. Daddy found out. He was going to confront her about it. But I beat him to it. I physiologically tortured her, until she was about to crack. But then I gave her drugs. She fell asleep. When she woke up...  She became almost demented. I got her to give me the codes to all the bank accounts in Switzerland, many other things, then I poisoned her blood, she died of complications alright, strange, strange complications.’’ She started into nowhere as if lost in thought. Her black mascara was smeared all over her cheeks. She still managed to look beautiful somehow. But with a big demented side.
‘’Where is dad?’’
‘’You won’t find him. Even if you try you won’t find him. By the way, You might want to look behind you.’’ You turned around. Standing there in a dark blue collared shirt and ripped jeans was Lovino, looking as godly as ever. He just stared at Isabella. With a mix of disgust and desire. It bothered you how he could still have some sort of feeling for her. You turned to look at her. She was biting her bottom lip emotively. You did the unimaginable. You let your emotions get the better of you and turned towards him with the knife in hand.
‘’_______________ what the-‘’
‘’Be quiet.’’ You said as you got closer to him. He looked beyond you at Antonio and Gilbert.
‘’What the hell are you doing here?’’ You asked.
‘’Who are you?’’ He asked. You took a look at him then realized he couldn’t tell the difference between you and Isabella.
‘’I’m ______________.’’ You said putting the knife down.
‘’LOVINO DON’T BELIEVE HER. PLEASE DON’T. I’m ______________.’’ Isabella spoke letting out a stream of tears.
‘’Lovino what are you doing here?’’
‘’Tell me the truth, who are you?’’
‘’Damn it I’M ______________.’’
‘’Antonio don’t do this to me, who is ______________?’’ He looked at Antonio and Antonio rolled his eyes and spoke in his Spanish accent.
‘’She’s ______________.’’
‘’Why are you here?’’ He asked looking at you then looking in Gilbert’s direction.
‘’I can’t explain right now.I need you to leave though.’’’
‘’No, I’m not gonna leave you here with this demented-‘’
‘’You didn’t have to come. I’m perfectly fine and I need to finish some business, now if you don’t mind don’t expect me back home until tomorrow night.’’ You took the knife again and started to walk back to Isabella. He grabbed your arm and spun you around taking the knife out of your hand.
‘’If it has anything to do with killing this bitch, You’re not doing anything without me being there to watch.’’ You stared into his beautiful hazel colored eyes and almost couldn’t resist the urge to kiss him, but you did.
‘’Do what you want.’’ You broke his grip and took the knife from his hand.
‘’Fine. Continue. But it’ll be my turn next. I want to see her suffer as well.’’ He went next to Antonio. You took a deep breath and tried to ignore the self consciousness you felt now that he was watching.
‘’So you’re going to kill me?’’ Isabella laughed and spat at your shoes.
‘’That’s the plan.’’
‘’If you’re going to kill me at least have the decency to let me watch you suffer before I die.’’
‘’Nothing could make me happier than watching you die, there will be no suffering on my part.’’
‘’There will be once I tell you some stuff, important, amusing.’’
‘’Like what?’’
‘’... Daddy... He’s alive. If you want to find him...Here’s the clue. Where your love was shattered, and your life was conquered and killed, deep down there’s still something alive.’’
‘’Stop it with your word play and tell me where he is!’’
‘’No. You were always the smart one, figure it out.’’
‘’Another thing, you will never be able to enjoy Lovino like I did, My shadow, my body, and my soul will always be present, he won’t be able to forget me, no matter how hard he tries. Whenever he’s with you he will be imagining me. You will never please him like I did. Never.’’ She looked at Lovino and bit her bottom lip. You looked at him and he turned away. You tried not to cry. Tried to ignore the fact that what she was saying might be true.
‘’Remember that night Lovi. When we were in our bedroom and you told me you loved me. You would never forget. The night little Dianita was made.’’ She looked at him and then at Gilbert.
‘’Don’t you dare speak her name.’’ He said in disgust. It was his turn. He started to walk towards her.
‘’Gilbert give me the key.’’ Lovino said, not looking at Gilbert directly.
‘’Nien, Lovino I’m afraid that is a no can do.’’
‘’Oh, you’re gonna do it. You’re holding her back as if she’s going to do something. There’s four of us and one of her. She won’t do a damn thing. GIVE ME THE KEY!’’ You backed away and nodded at Gilbert who then took the key out of his pocket. And threw it at Lovino. He head locked her and then took off the hand cuffs, stood her up then threw her back on the floor.
‘’You destroyed my life. You destroyed her. Where is she? Where’s her body?’’ He started to take off the rope from her feet and she stood up and stretched.
‘’She’s in your backyard. Where Ludie was killed.’’ She smiled and looked at you. The image of Ludwigs death scene made the wound in your heart start to re-open again.
‘’’ The hell are you talking about?’’
‘’Her body, it’s in your backyard, find it.’’ She put an arm around him and he flinched away but she held her grip.
‘’I miss you Lovi. I miss your touch, your scent, and that curl, oh how I love that curl.’’ She caressed his hair and pulled on the curl, Lovino pulled away and took a knife from the drawer.
‘’Don’t try to run.’’
‘’Wouldn’t dream of it hun.’’ She started to walk closer to him then unexpectedly jumped on him. The knife he was holding pierced her abdomen. She took a deep breath and they both fell on the floor. Isabella on top of Lovino who let out a short groan. You ran to them and pushed her off of him. Then you realized what the groan was caused by. Somehow, Isabella had gotten a hold of an extremely sharp blade and when she jumped on him it went into Lovino’s  chest. Not the heart but the right side of his chest. His blood stained your white tank top as you lifted his head up.
‘’NO. NO.Lovino please don’t. YOU BITCH!’’ You stepped away from Lovino and went to Isabella who was giggling uncontrollably, then quickly took the blade from out of her stomach.
‘’I’m... not going alone sweetie.’’ She said taking Lovino’s right hand in hers. He just gasped desperately for air and turned to look at you slowly.
‘’It’s... not true,’’ He gasped for air again. ’’You’re ... so much better than her...’’
‘’Stop talking, please. Just stay still.’’ You said as you held Isabella down by the neck.
‘’I love you ___________... ti amo...’’
‘’GET HIM DOWN TO THE LOBBIE. PLEASE,HURRY UP! DON’T LET HIM DIE.’’ You yelled at Antonio and Gilbert who took a deep breath, you knew this was hard for him but he grabbed Lovino and Antonio stood him up. They somehow managed to take the bleeding Lovino out of the room and you ran and closed the door then locked it. You were about to become an assassin. You took a deep breath and turned to Isabella who was still bleeding on the floor.
You grasped the knife in your hand and jumped on top of her. She yelped and tried to get away but you stabbed her in the leg and she screamed in pain.
‘’For Nico.’’ You stabbed her other leg. ’’For Damian’’ You looked at her bleeding stomach and decided to make the pain worse, she still wasn’t dead, you stabbed her in the stomach ’’ for Diana,’’ You stabbed her arm ‘’For mom.’’ You stabbed her other arm, ‘’For dad.’’
‘’Sto....’’ She gasped for air.
‘’For Ludwig.’’ You took a good look at her and stabbed her throat. She was almost done for.
‘’And last... For Lovino’’ You ignored the tears streaming down your cheeks and stabbed her one more time, this one, in the heart. Her eyes stayed wide open, but she was dead.
Omy. I was trying to make a good cliff hanger, did I succeed? Was Isabella's death good enough?
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