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‘’I’ll see you later. I love you.’’ Lovino kissed your cheek and walked out the door. He was going to a work meeting.
‘’Ve, bella I’m going to take a ciesta. Damian and Nico are at their fiends house, they’ll be back in about 3 hours.
‘’Okay, have a nice nap.’’ You gave him a hug and he skipped up the stairs and too his room. You were going to go out to the lawn when you heard a noise. You stop dead in tour tracks and listened carefully, nothing. You kept on walking but stopped again, it was the sound of wooden floor boards creaking. You looked up.
‘’Feli?’’ You started to climb the stairs.
You were confused. There was no one in the house except You and Feli. Feli had gone to sleep, so... You climed the stairs until you got to the second floor. That was where Damain and Nico’s rooms were.
The sound was coming from a higher floor. You climbed the stairs to the third floor. That was where Lovino and the room you were staying in was. Along with Lovino’s study and a few other rooms. About 8 rooms on that floor.
The sound was coming from above you. That could only mean... The fourth floor. You knew that the entrance to the fourth floor was I Lovino’s study. You thought about it. Personally, the place scared you, but you were curious. Besides, what could it be? A simple squirrel, maybe a rat. You got to the door of Lovino’s study and opened it. You closed it slowly. You went over to the book shelf and said the ‘magic words’.
‘’That bastard.’’ The two giant book shelves spread apart. You walked in. The wide hallway looked the same as it had the last time; dark, dusty, and cold.
You jumped at the sound. It was extremely loud. It was coming from one of the doors beyond the staircase. You walked up the stairs and stood at the top. You opened the first door on the right.
‘’Hello...’’ No one answered. You walked inside, turned on the switch and the lights came to life. The room was desolate, only a chair in the corner. You didn’t pay much attention and walked out of the room.
You then tried the door across from that one. You opened that door.
‘’Is anyone here?’’
You closed the door quickly and ran to the door where the sound had come from. You thought about running. The sound scared you, bit you wanted to find out what the sound was. You turned the door knob a bit.
‘’Shut up she’s coming.’’ You heard. There was someone there. You backed away from the door and started to carefully speed walk towards the stair case.
‘’You miss me?’’
‘’Ah.’’ You squealed and started to shake. In front of you was none other than Gilbert.
‘’I’ll take that as a yes lieben.’’ He hit you across the face before you could react and you fell to the floor. He took you by the waist and flung you over his shoulder.
‘’Let me go!’’ He opened a door and threw you on the floor.
‘’The star of the party is here.’’ You looked up and saw Isabella.
‘’You’’ You got up and charged at her.
‘’Shush shush shush shush shush. I don’t like yelling dear. Now, which one of my victims are you talking about?’’
‘’LUDWIG! YOU KILLED HIM YOU BASTARD! AND YOU,’’ you turned towards Gilbert. ’’You killed your brother. WHAT ARE YOU?!’’ He didn’t meet your eyes and pushed you away from him.
‘’Hun, let’s get some thing’s straight yes?’’
‘’I don’t want to get anything ’straight’ YOU MURDERED HIM!’’
‘’What’s that to you?’’ Gilbert asked. You could tell by the tone of his voice he regretted what he had done, but life was too short for regrets.
‘’You killed and innocent man, you killed your brother, you killed my husband you son of a-‘’
‘’What the hell are you talking about?’’ He was inches away from your face. You could smell the strong scent of alcohol.
‘’Ludwig, your brother, was my husband.’’
‘’You’re crazy.’’
‘’I don’t have to explain anything to you.’’
‘’Don’t yell Gil.’’
‘’She’s lying. Ludwig never married anyone.’’
‘’Well then, what are you worried about?’’
‘’He was my brother, he didn’t have anyone else, And this bitch isn’t going to come and tell me she was married to him.’’
‘’Easy on the words hun.’’ She walked to Gilbert and kissed his cheek. He seemed to calm down. How much control did she have over him?
‘’Remember the little present we brought her. She’s waiting.’’ Isabella said sweetly. Present?
‘’Let’s go.’’ Gilbert grabbed your arm sending a shock of pain through your arm. He pulled you up and dragged you out the door.
‘’Let me GO!’’
‘’Shut up.’’ Isabella pointed a gun at you and you silenced. Gilbert dragged you passed 3 doors and then stopped at the door that had led to the room with a chair from before. He opened the door and threw you in.
‘’Stay out here Isabella. She doesn’t know you have a twin.’’ Gilbert kissed Isabella and he stayed outside. Gilbert closed the door and took you again. He put you on the chair and handcuffed you to it. He then took out a rope from his backpack and tied tour legs to the chair. You couldn’t move. He then took out a cloth and put it over your mouth. Now you couldn’t talk or yell.
‘’Is that her?’’ A female voice from the background spoke out. It was coming from behind you.
‘’This is her.’’ You tried to turn around but couldn’t you suddenly felt someone touch your hair.
‘’You have a lot to pay for.’’ She said. She moved your hair out of the way and you felt a cold blade on the skin of your neck. It made you shutter.
‘’Lemme’ tell you a story will you?’’ You could feel the blade caress your skin.
‘’When I was in High school. My senior year, I met a beautiful man. I fell in love with him. But he... I was invisible to him. He only paid attention to a stupid girl... I was and still am, much prettier than her. But he didn’t care... She pretended to be an innocent girl. So pure, she was nothing she portray. But he still loved her. He used to watch her when she talked with her friends. He would sit on a bench in the school yard and pretend to read. But really, his gaze was on her. I know this because I used to sit not so far from him and watch him. His loved filled eyes. His beautiful, gorgeous blue eyes. I remember them clearly...’’ She stopped for a second as if lost in thought but then put more pressure on the blade and kept talking.
‘’He was nothing but another admirer to her. She didn’t look at him twice before looking away at another guy... Before flirting with someone else in front of his face. He tried so many time’s to talk to her... but she just walked away. You have no clue how much that hurt him... But then one day, I remember it was fall... she walked over to him while he was reading on a bench. She sat next to him, and they started to talk. I was watching them from a distance. His eyes were full of love, full of... everything they had never had. He said something and she laughed. He  laughed with her, she laughed at the funny joke he had made, but he laughed...because his dream was finally coming true. The girl of his dreams was talking to him. After so many tries she had noticed him. They talked and laughed until they were forced to go to their dorms by the professors. I stayed there watching them, until they left. Time passed quickly, and they started to go out. He was so happy, she looked happy. They got married and I still watched them, taking notes on what she did to make him happy. How she talked, how she dressed, how she walked. Everything. What did she have that I didn’t? I never found that out. One September morning, about 6 months into their marriage, he left. To the army. So did I. Not to the army, but I followed him. All the way to Germany. We were on the same flight. He even made conversation with me on the plane. We talked about different books, and he told me about his wife. How she was pregnant. He was so happy. I realized why he was happy, because of the family he had. Because of the wife he had. She was giving him a child. He didn’t recognize me. After 5 years of me going to the same school’s he did, after 7 years of following him, he didn’t recognize me. Not even a simple, ‘have I seen you before’ nothing. But I didn’t mind. I was talking to him. I had finally gotten him to talk to me. After 4 months of him being in the army, I had a plan. I had to make his wife think that he was gone. But how was I to do that? He was in a store one day. He had the day off. He was buying baby clothes. To send to his wife, and the future daughter that would never be born. I made sure that what I did wouldn’t cause him death. I set the store on fire. I stayed and watched. He made it out. He was badly burned, but alive... I then hacked an army base number, and called his wife. She answered, and I said ‘Ma’am, I am sorry to inform you, that your husband has passed away. General Ludwig has died. I am terribly sorry.’ I could hear his wife’s cries. Her pleads. I loved it. I hung up and traveled to America. While In Colorado, I went to her house. It was easy to get in. She had left the door unlocked. As if she expected him to come back. He would never come back.’’ She stopped again. You were crying, she was talking about you. You and Ludwig. You cried. Had walked out of the room shortly after she had started talking. You were alone, with this lady. She started to talk again.
‘’ I walked into her house. There were pictures of Ludwig and her everywhere. I didn’t touch any of them. Only one. One of him alone. I took it out of the frame and took it. She wasn’t home. Very convenient. She was taking some pills. For her migraines. I switched the pills out. Putting in some poisoned pills. The pills would only give her more migraines and depression. But that wasn’t all I wanted. I took a bottle of grape juice. From my notes, I knew it was her favorite, she would drink it when she got back home. In the bottle, I put an intoxicated liquid. This would kill her child. Surly enough, when she got back home, she drank the juice. The next day, she collapsed. Her baby died. But she didn’t, this was what I wanted. I wanted her to live, to suffer. To stay alone in her own hell. Without Ludwig. Without her daughter. The next week, I went back to Germany. There, I saw Ludwig. He had recovered from his wounds and burns. One night, he was at a bar. He got drunk and I took advantage of that. I made him mine. When we woke up the next morning I felt like an angel in his arms, my head resting against his warm chest. He went on and on about how he had a wife, how he loved his wife, but I didn’t listen. He said he couldn’t go back to his wife knowing he had done what he had done with me. I told him to stay with me. He refused, so I took matters into my hands. I drugged him. He was in his own world, He never spoke, never tried to fight his way out of the house I kept him in. He was drugged, he couldn’t do anything. The drugs gave him temporary amnesia. About five years later, I left to a business trip. I didn’t give drugs since I was gone. When I came back he was gone. I found him eventually, he had been on the streets and someone helped him. 2 years later he got  re-integrated into the army, he became strong and powerful. I still watched him. During this time he moved to Italy with his brother. While in Italy, he saw his wife again, but she didn’t recognize him. He was so changed. His wife was married with an Italian. His name is Lovino Vargas. Since she didn’t recognize him, he gave up and watched her love another man. He never stopped loving her. A few weeks ago, about two. He was killed, by none other than his wife. And I am here to avenge him. Does this sound familiar?’’ She finally stopped. You were still crying. It was this bitch’s fault that your life had been destroyed and now she thought you were Isabella.
‘’Talk to me ____________. ‘’ she ripped the cloth off your face and you yelled. She started to talk.
‘’You’ll die. Like he did. You’ll die ____________ _______________ you’ll die.’’
it only contains one ''bad word'' so I didn't consider putting a warning on it. Tell me if you think it's necessary. This si by far in my opinion the second or maybe first most interesting chapter, I hoe you all like it.
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