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‘’You-’’You had no words to represent the anger you were feeling.
‘’Do you want to see my face? Do you want to see me? Do you want to see the woman who took Ludwig, the man that never belonged to you?’’ The woman’s voice was quiet, sweet, sinister.
‘’Show me who you are.’’ You said. You really did want to see what she looked like. To see if you recognized her.
‘’Fine.’’ You could see her figure moving swiftly to the light switch by the door. She flicked the lights on and turned towards you. She had brown/red hair. She was pale and had a strange green shade of eyes. She was beautiful. You instantly felt self conscious but ignored it and kept trying to remember.
---------- Flash back---------
‘’Hurry she’s losing blood fast.’’ The doctors who were driving your hospital bed to the emergency room were yelling at each other. You had fallen through the stair case railings on the third floor at your house from a sudden migraine pressure. You had fallen straight down and the maid heard a scream. You didn’t know much but you were bleeding and the doctors were talking about the baby, she was dying. You could faintly see, only figures. The doctor hovering over you had strange eyes. It might have just been the blur. But she had strange red/ brown hair, that you were sure of, very beautiful. She wasn’t talking, just looking at you, You looked away. The doctor next to her was a man, he was breathing hard and he was rapidly writing something down, then everything slipped away, and you went into coma. You woke up 6 weeks later. There was the same doctor , strangely, you had remembered her. The same strange hair and strange, torture filled eyes.
‘’You haven’t suffered enough, I’ll be back.’’
---------End of flashback ----------
You hadn’t thought much about it then, just that you were hallucinating. You looked up.
‘’That’s right... Me. It’s me and only me. Do you know... how much I loved Ludwig?’’
‘’You bitch’’
‘’Shhhh. You have no clue how much I wanted him. And when he became mine, It was beautiful. Would you like me to explain?’’
‘’No. I just want you to die.’’
‘’Much to your disgrace, that can’t happen. First, you have to die.’’
‘’You killed my daughter. You gave me those intoxicated pills. They gave me migraines. I fell three stories straight down. Do you have no heart?’’
‘’Last time I checked no. You ripped it away.’’
‘’I didn’t kill him! I WOULD NEVER HARM HIM IN ANY WAY.’’
‘’You did kill him. DON’T LIE.’’
‘’That wasn’t me! It was Isabella. MY TWIN.’’
‘’Convenient huh? Now you have a sister.’’
‘’I don’t believe you.’’
‘’I don’t care. Let me go.’’
‘’I will. Just don’t move. If you do... well, I have plenty of time.’’ She walked over to you and undid the knot on your feet. Then took out a key and unlocked the hand cuffs. You didn’t think twice before kicking in the face and running for the door before she got up. You opened the door and ran as fast as you could. Out of nowhere you felt someone grab you and push you to the floor. Gilbert was on top of you.
‘’You really did marry him didn’t you?’’ He whispered in your ear.
‘’Yes.’’ You whispered back breathing heavily
‘’He would only marry a good woman. I’m sorry it had to end this way.’’ He was still whispering in your ear. He sounded sincere and sympathetic of you. He smelled strongly of beer and what seemed like syrup.
‘’Please... don’t let me die. Please.’’ You were starting to feel the pain of being knocked to the ground and Gilbert being on top of you.
‘’I’ll try... she knows too much. Please forgive me.’’
‘’No, please don’t let her kill me. Please. Please I’ll help you with anything.’’
‘’I can’t let you do that. I deserve to die. To rot. I just wanted to you to know, I’m not bad person. I loved Ludwig. He was my brother. She has, too much of me. Please believe me.
‘’I do believe you. Please help me get out of here.’’
‘’You caught her. You’re not going anywhere ___________. You’ll pay for what you did.’’ The woman from before came out of the room with a hand over her nose. Gilbert got off of you and you stood up quickly and tried to run, but Gilbert held you back.
‘’Running won’t help.’’ He said. You knew he was trying to help you. You honestly believed him.
‘’He’s right. It won’t. Now where were we.’’ She grabbed you by the hair and pulled you into the room with the one chair. Out of the corner of your eye you saw Gilbert follow. Gilbert went in the room behind you and the woman. She let you go and when you turned around you saw she was holding a gun.
‘’Now, where was it you shot Ludwig, oh yeah... everywhere.’’
‘’I didn’t shoot him.’’
‘’Dear, I won’t believe you no matter what you say.’’
‘’Bridget, calm down.’’
‘’No! Your brother, your brother is the one dead. I will have no mercy.’’
‘’Fine, just saying, you don’t want the people down stairs to hear you.’’
‘’You said the house was vacant.’’
‘’I made a mistake. There are three people down there. Why not use blades? They’re less loud, and you can enjoy her pain.’’ This was his plan. He was actually helping you.
‘’I don’t have a blade.’’
‘’I do.’’ He opened his jacket and threw her a pocket knife.
‘’Fine.’’ She turned towards you and smiled.
‘’He’s right. I do want to whiteness you suffer.’’ She put the gun in her back pocket. You looked at Gilbert. He was moving in towards her. You weren’t paying attention to what she was saying. You were paying attention to what Gilbert was doing. He was slowly closing in on the supposed Bridget. He reached for the gun...and he took it. Before Bridget could reat he head locked her and she dropped the knife in surprise.
‘’What, what are you doing?’’
‘’It wasn’t her.’’
‘’You liar, of course it was her!’’
‘’Sorry, but no.’’ He pulled the trigger and you looked away.
‘’Come on lieben, it’s okay.’’ Gilbert took your hand and started to run.
‘’Please, stop running.’’ He stopped. You were halfway down the stair case. You looked at him straight in the eyes. They were a deep scarlet. You hugged him tightly. He hugged you back.
‘’It’s okay.’’ He said once he let go.
‘’I know. Just... thank you. You saved my life. I will never forget that...’’
‘’You have nothing to thank me for. It should be me thanking you. It took me a while to realize who I actually was. I’m not a bad person, Isabella just...
‘’Isabella means a lot to you, I understand that.’’
‘’Yes but, I mean nothing to her. It took me a while to realize that she only used me this whole time.’’
‘’Where is she?’’
‘’I overheard what Bridget was saying... I realized that you weren’t lying. I told her to go to the Hotel we’re staying in. I’m going to meet her there. Then, if you don’t mind, I’ll kill her. After that, I’ll move back to Germany. The Italian police won’t suspect anything. Much less go anywhere near Germany or the German police.’’
‘’I want to be there.’’
‘’What do you mean.’’
‘’With you, when you kill her. I want to make her explain some things. I think she has a lot to explain.’’
‘’I don’t want you to go.’’
‘’Why? She’s the person who devoted her life to destroying mine. I deserve to know why.’’
‘’Because, I don’t want your last image of me to be a bad one. I can’t stop thinking how different my life would be if I had met you instead of Isabella. I wouldn’t have become a murderer. A psychopath following another psychopath. I would be a good person. With a nice family and you.’’
‘’I know that wouldn’t have been possible either way. You were my brother’s wife. If only I would have met you before. If I would have gone with my brother to Denver that year. I would have met you. I could have done anything to make you love me. I... That didn’t happen though. I can’t turn back time. So no. You can’t go with me.’’
‘’But I want to. I have to make her pay. If you won’t let me go... that’s not an option.’’
‘’Yes it is. And it’s the option I chose.’’ He took your hand gain and kept going down the stairs. The two book shelves opened automatically and you both walked outside.
‘’Gilbert?’’ You turned around. Antonio was sitting in a couch drinking what looked like wine.
‘’Tony?’’ Gilbert and Antonio started laughing as they both gave each other a huge bear hug.
‘’What are you doing here?’’ Gilbert asked.
‘’I would ask you the same question. Dod you just come out of the wall?’’
‘’It’s another entrance to the fourth floor.’’
‘’Oh. I thought the only enterance was in the basement.’’
‘’That’s what I thought, until Isabella told me otherwise.
‘’Isabella is that you?’’ Antonio was half smiling half frowning.
‘’No, Tony it’s me ___________.’’
‘’Oh. Are you lying to me?’’
‘’No, I’m not.’’
‘’Prove it.’’
‘’The day you arrived here, you played soccer with Nico and Damian. You also had some, or a lot of pasta and tomato sauce.’’
‘’Yup, you’re _____________. From now on say... Tomato, whenever you see me, so I don’t get confused.’’
‘’That won’t be necessary. There won’t be an Isabella anymore, only _____________.’’ Gilbert had taken Antonio’s glass of wine and was drinking some himself.’’
‘’Is it true that you and... Isabella...’’
‘’Yes it’s true. But that’ll end today. No one uses Gilbert Beilschmidt like a toy.  No one.’’
‘’I’m not going to ask what you’re going to do. I know perfectly well what you’re capable of doing. Just promise me, when your done with whatever it is you do, we can go get Francis and have a reunion. Si?’’ Gilbert smirked.
‘’Like the old times.’’
‘’Si, like the old times.’’
‘’I promise.’’ Gilbert said after a while.
‘’Can I go help you finish off that...’’ Antonio looked at you before he finished.
‘’Call her whatever you want, but I called dibs.’’ You said looking at Gilbert.
‘’I told you, you can’t go.’’
‘’I don’t care I’m going anyway.’’
‘’Where is she?’’
‘’The quinto albergo.’’
‘’Okay. So can I go.’’
‘’Tony, the police is going to be looking for me.’’
‘’Bro, the Italian police have better things to do then hunt down the killer of a wanted murder. That’s what Isabella is after all. You could still live here. No one would suspect the brother of the great Ludwig would they. Ludwig is loved around here. Have you not stopped by your house lately. Practically everyone in the city left something for you at your door step. It ranges from, ’I’m sorry about your loss.’ To ’May you feel better. Your brother is in a better place.’  Gilbert no one suspects you. Stay here. In Italy. Where you belong. With your family.’’
‘’I have no family anymore Tony. I killed the last piece of family I had’’
‘’Well I am offended.’’ Antonio looked truly offended.
‘’I’m sorry.’’
‘’It’s okay. You’ll always have me Gil. And Francis, You can always count on him. You didn’t kill Ludwig. Isabella did. You were just being controlled by her.’’
‘’You have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to turn back time. To tell Ludwig to run. To not have met Isabella. She was like a drug to me. She was killing me bit by bit.’’
‘’There’s no point in talking about her. We’re just wasting time.’’ Antonio pointed out.
‘’You’re right.’’
‘’So will you stay?’’ Antonio asked.
‘’... Are you sure I won’t go to jail?’’
‘’If you do... which won’t happen. I’ll bail you out. Everything has a price Gil.’’
‘’I love ya bro.’’
‘’Am I as awesome as you yet?’’
‘’Almost there.’’ They both laughed. And then turned to look at you.
‘’You sure you want to go?’’
‘’You’ll be an accomplice in murder.’’ Antonio pointed out.
‘’It’s not murder if your own blood is spilled on the floor. Isabella’s my blood, my exact blood, and no one knows it. No one will ever know. Isabella has never had much luck in life. She always though death would never catch up to her. I always told her, death doesn't have mercy, she was born to die. She was cloned to die.’’
the image is not mine: [link]
This took me a really long time to do. I had a lot of decisions to make and a lot of things to consider. I like the ending result. The series is coming to an end. I dunno how many more chapters there will be though. After the series ends there will be a sequel. I still have a lot to do with the first part of the series so it will take a while. Ireally hope you all like this chapter. My goal is to make this first part of the series have at least 20 chapters maybe 16 or 17.
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but other than that I absolutely loved this~~ I want more~~ ^^
Well done, il bel fiore~~ ^^
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